Trestle Benchmark is a powerful internal vendor review platform for modern contractors, engineers, architects, and owners

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Centralized vendor data from across your organization

Customizable performance review questions combined with key data from accounting, estimating, operations, and other departments provide critical insights into how specific vendors work with your organization.

Powerful visualizations show a vendor's strengths and weakness as well as performance trends over time, so you know what to expect before the work starts.

Knowledge Database

Easily search and review past vendor experience from across your organization through key performance metrics, written reviews, and multimedia attachments.

Make Informed Decisions

Changing named vendors is extremely difficult and poorly performing vendors can negatively impact project profits. Select the right vendors with confidence using Benchmark's centralized vendor profiles.

Mitigate Project Risks

Learn from past experiences and take proactive measures to address specific vendor performance and schedule shortfalls before they impact your next project.

Improve Quality Control

Equip your project teams with valuable knowledge on how to manage individual vendors, so project staff can monitor and ensure work is done correctly and on time.


Designed specifically for project field staff

Project field staff have a lot of work to manage, the last thing they want to do is fill out dozens of complicated PDF forms on how vendors are performing at their desk. That's why we designed an incredibly simple and intuitive mobile experience, built to increase engagement.

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Write A Review In Seconds

No complicated screens to navigate while you're on the job. Leave a review quickly and continue on with your day.

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SMS Text Feature Available

No need for field staff to log in or even download a phone app. With available SMS texts, team members receive a text linking them to the correct review submission page instantly.

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Engage The Right Teams Automatically

Assign users to specific projects and departments and set the frequency of review request. Trestle Benchmark automatically notifies the correct team members when reviews are due.


Single source of truth for all your vendors

Trestle Benchmark links vendor information from across your organizations systems into a single powerful dashboard, including accounting, estimating, procurement, project management, compliance, and more.

Make important decisions with long lasting impacts quickly and confidently, knowing you have the whole picture.

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All In One Place

Stop waiting for team members to respond to your emails and find all the information you're looking for quickly on Trestle Benchmark.

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Cross Department Collaboration

Share critical vendor and contract data with your entire organization seamlessly. Is legal currently in litigation with a vendor? Mark it on the vendor profile, making all teams aware.

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Trestle Ratings For New Vendors*

Looking to work with a vendor for the first time or entering a new  market? Use Trestle Benchmark's internal vendor ratings to get the inside scoop on how vendors have performed with other contractors.

*Feature available in late 2024


Simple tiered pricing structure

Consistent pricing structure, without the guess work.

No percent based fees or per project costs.
Pick a tier and pay the same fee annually, make adjustments based on your needs.