Data Driven Construction Vendor Management

Trestle Benchmark is the industry's only subcontractor and supplier performance management and analytics solution built specifically for heavy construction.

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Ditch those cumbersome spreadsheets

Improve project transparency, share feedback seamlessly, and mitigate risks before they impact your bottom line.

Manage every subcontractor and supplier your organization works with
Stay organized and easily find the vendor you're looking for. Vendor Cards are designed specifically for you to quickly find key information without having to decipher seemingly identical rows of text in a spreadsheet.
Find everything you're looking for about a subcontractor or supplier
Want to know how many contracts you've given a vendor in the past or the number of change orders you'll likely encounter? It's all on the powerful profile page in Benchmark. You'll even find diversity data and more, directly from the certifying source.
Discover hidden performance drivers
It's no secret that data is vital to running a modern business. With Benchmark's vendor analytics, you can quickly see where issues will arise, identify trends, and take corrective action faster than ever before.
Designed specifically for project teams on the move
Benchmark meets your team where they are, out in the field. Leave reviews in seconds using our intuitive mobile interface, which not only captures responses to your customized questions but also supports pictures, videos, and even speech to text.
Automation and integrations to make your work easier and faster
⦾ Engage the right team members
⦾ Automatic review requests
⦾ Centralize data from your entire company
⦾ Access up-to-date certification information
⦾ and more ...
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Take control of your vendor data and unlock it's full potential

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Take control of your vendor data and unlock it's full potential

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