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Introducing a revolutionary platform connecting subcontractors and suppliers to current bids and simplifying the quote submission process for all.

What can Trestle do for you?


A Customized Experience

Using your custom business profile and our algorithms, Trestle matches and notifies you of new bidding opportunities specific to your scope of work.

Cut down on time spent answering irreverent Invitation-To-Bids from GCs and eliminate searching through several owner procurement portals just to find new work.


Streamlined Quote Submission

On Trestle, you can send quotes to all Prime Contractors on a project with just a few clicks. Fast, simple, accurate, and formatted automatically to reduce follow-up questions from Prime Contractors.

Reclaim your time lost sending quotes the old-fashioned way, and use it to plan your next vacation instead!


Subcontractor & Supplier Focused

At Trestle, you are the priority, not an afterthought.

While other products favor Prime and General Contractors, we work to empower subcontractors and suppliers, a vital part of the construction industry, especially MWDBE and SDVOB communities.


Meet Our Team

We work hard so you don't have to.

Victor Zhang P.E.

Victor Zhang P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Victor has extensive experience managing Estimating and Procurement teams for complex mega infrastructure projects in excess of $1 billion each, and has bid over $10 billion in total projects in the US.

Dak Washbrook

Dak Washbrook

Chief Technology Officer

Code runs through Dak's veins. He was born with a keyboard in his hands. Dak has deep expertise in architecting and designing systems used by millions of people across multiple industries.

Jason Chen

Jason Chen

Chief Product Officer

For over a decade Jason has developed and shipped software products providing rich experiences spanning a variety of markets.